Sunday, 4 March 2018

Curveballs, magic moments and a very special date!

Three years ago, on the 5th March, my first novel 'The Torn Up Marriage' was published with Harper Collins after ten years of trying to get a publishing deal! 

Tomorrow, yes the 5th March, I am going to The Romantic Novel Awards event down in London where my fourth book 'My Summer of Magic Moments' is shortlisted for The Contemporary Romantic Novel of the Year - how wonderful is that. Being shortlisted along with such talented authors is an honour in itself, and I feel so proud of my writing and the fact I stuck at it when it looked like I might never get published. It's also fabulous that the book is set in one of my favourite places, Bamburgh.

Oh, and 25 years ago tomorrow my first child, my lovely daughter Amie, was born (that was after a miscarriage and two years of trying). So guess who's coming along to the award ceremony with me?! The 5th March is such a significant date in my life.

It will be lovely to celebrate my shortlisting with my brilliant team from HarperImpulse and my fabulous agent Hannah Ferguson and to meet the other authors. So, despite the effects of the 'Beast from the East' blizzards here in Northumberland, I'll be braving snowdrifts to get out of our village, and with a limited train service currently running from my local station due to the snow,  getting to London (300 miles away) could be challenging. But, I'm determined to get there to the awards! 

Life throws us all curveballs at times. Hard work, patience, perseverance, learning as you go, finding another way, and the support of family and friends helps you through, and despite all the ups and downs somehow hanging on to the belief that it's still worth trying. 

Keep striving for your dreams folks - you never know where it might lead you!

All best wishes, oh and wish me luck!!

Caroline x


  1. The very best of luck, Caroline. I hope you have a good journey and enjoy your very special day

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