Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Life and Times of a Published Author!

Well then, it’s now nearly two months since my e-book publication of “The Torn Up Marriage”, and the paperback is due out next week! I will really get to hold a copy of my book in my hands – can’t wait.

So what’s life been like? Have I been swanning around thinking of new plots and characters, sipping bubbly, fine dining and mixing with the literary elite? Have I heck (though I did squeeze in a little bubbly). It’s been absolutely hectic.  As well as the day job – I’m not making millions from my writing yet folks. I have had to become my own promotion officer, trying to get publicity for my debut novel in local newspapers, magazines, blogs, Facebook, Twitter. I'm featuring in our Living North lifestyle magazine as “Author on the Doorstep” for the May issue! And here's the link to my recent Q & A with the same magazine: http://www.livingnorth.com/northeast/people-places/qa-caroline-roberts

Also, I've had to brave my fear of public speaking and firstly do a Village Hall Talk, a nice chatty event to find my feet amongst friends and neighbours (with tea and cake supplied in bulk – to keep the crowds happy), and secondly, a ticketed Library event for World Book Night on a panel with four other local authors. Well that struck fear and dread like never before, having to stand up in front of over 40 people reading extracts from my book and answering the audiences' q’s. I survived  - stomach like a washing machine - and I must say it wasn’t half as scary as I imagined. Readers are actually very nice people who love reading and are genuinely interested in writers, and they were partial to a glass of wine in the interval. So I have taken the plunge and offered to do more events with libraries in the future.

Ready for the off - my unsuspecting audience!

So it’s onwards and upwards. I have just managed to get back into writing my next book, after several weeks writing press releases, blogs and Q & A’s for book reviewers.  I’m also waiting for the edits for Book 2 to hit my e-mail – it's yet to be re-named – HarperImpulse didn’t much like the working title and I wasn’t too impressed with it either. 

So it's busy, busy, but I’m still smiling. And I’ll have a great big grin on my face when the paperback is in my hand on 7th May! Here’s the Amazon link if you want to pick up a copy: http://t.co/uqMDVX57UH

Chat soon.
Best wishes,
Caroline x


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