Sunday, 19 April 2015

Exciting times and Guest blogs

Hi All,
Sorry I've been away a while - things have got pretty hectic here after all the lovely launch parties and celebrations. I'm trying to be my own PR exec, still doing the day job, and busy with edits for the paperback proof of "The Torn Up Marriage" - which is due out very soon on 7th May!  - as well as the usual home, family events and day to day chores. So life has been exciting, full on and a bit crazy.
But I've still been blogging and featuring as a guest on some fantastic Book Bloggers own pages. So thanks to Shaz's Book Boudoir (what a wonderful name!) and the lovely Scintillating Suz (also known as Lavender) for featuring me. Here's a taste of what I've been up to:
Shaz's Book Blog Debut Spotlight:
Suzanne and Friends Author Interview: 

And if you are interested in buying a copy of "The Torn Up Marriage" here's the Amazon Link: 
Hope you enjoy the features and I'll be back soon. On the next leg of my new journey as an Author!
Best wishes,
Caroline x

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