Monday, 16 March 2015


“The Torn Up Marriage” is published! I am a real author and I had a bloody good 2 days celebrating publication. One with family, one with friends, and both days with lots of social media interaction and congratulations. So it’s been pretty hectic here really. And I’ve now realised I’ve got to become my own promoter and marketing agent… The learning curve goes on!

I have been getting some wonderful reviews and comments on the book. That has been amazing and the best thing – that real readers are enjoying the novel and getting involved with the emotions, the characters, and the themes of love, betrayal and forgiveness. If you want to take a look (or indeed buy the book, sorry for the shameless sales plug!) the reviews are all on


I also wanted to share some of the lovely gifts I had from fantastic friends who have supported me all the way - they even had a cake made of the book cover for me. And, THANK YOU to everyone for following me and my writing journey this far!

Best wishes,

Caroline x

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