Monday, 5 January 2015

So you get the Book Deal, what happens next?

Well, it’s been all go for me! So, I accepted the book deal with Harper Impulse back in July, and I’ve recently heard that my debut novel “The Torn Up Marriage” has a publication date of 5th March 2015! 

But what happens after a writer gets the deal and signs the contract? I suppose every author’s experiences are slightly different - I did spend several days walking around with a silly grin on my face, chanting “I’m a real author” in a Pinocchio kind of voice to myself, then I realised I’d better crack on with the day job, the next novel, the housework and prepare for those impending edits. 

I was a little nervous at the thought of the editing process. My novel, which I’d worked on for a couple of years, was out there in someone else’s hands! It was going to be interesting and, to be honest, a little scary getting a professional opinion on it. Luckily, my fears of huge slashed out sections in red ink did not materialise. I have been working with my lovely Harper Collins editor, Charlotte Brabbin.  Her suggestions were spot on, it felt very much like a meeting of literary minds, and it was great was that I felt in control of my work all along. We worked together to enhance the story, and develop the characters even further, which was a really positive process and I’m sure will make for an even better book. So, the main edits are all done as far as my input is required. I think I get a further copy edit – final grammar, spelling checks etc. and then a final proof.  
Hard at work - tools of the trade pen, laptop, coffee, biscuit!
The next stage will be the cover. A cover is crucial to help readers decide whether to pick up and buy a book – be it an e-book or in print. I did get the chance to put forward my cover ideas to the publishing team, and have just got back 3 initial cover designs back. They were great, and it was really quite emotional for me to see my name on the cover of a book. There are still some design tweaks to be done, so I can’t share them with you as yet. But watch this space… very soon there will be a cover reveal. It’s all exciting stuff! 

Meanwhile, I have been busy cracking on with writing a third novel, (which is kind of my fourth or fifth really as I have a little stash of “learner novels” put aside). I told you I’ve been writing for a while now! 

Edits for Book 2 are due in shortly, so then I’ll have to put my mind back to those. And I’m also busy thinking about the launch for “The Torn Up Marriage” and supporting that with online and local promotion. So as you can see I’ve been a busy bee. 

I am still thrilled about my dream of being an author coming true and trying to savour every moment, even though it’s been hard work along the way. I cannot wait to hold a real book in my hand with my name on the cover and my words on the pages! It won’t be long now. 

So, if you are busy writing and submitting and wondering if it’s all worth it – keep going! Believe in yourself and your writing. Dreams can come true.  

And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to post them here, I will try and answer every one.

Best wishes,

Caroline x

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